Exercise Equipment that are Suitable for Improving Diabetic People’s Health

Exercise Equipment that are Suitable for Improving Diabetic People’s Health

Diabetes is an illness where the body is unable to produce or respond to the hormone insulin correctly. This leads to either too much or too little glucose in the blood stream.The insulin problems in diabetics cause highs and lows in energy.
Fitness and weight management is important to keep the effects of diabetes at bay. Diabetes can often lead to weight gain and other health problems.

We recommend that you hire gym equipment for low impact workouts to assist with diabetes. Regular30 to60 minute workouts are advised. This will help with excess weight gain that is common in diabetics, will reduce high blood pressure. You will gain muscle and energy.

Hire Treadmill Equipment

When you hire treadmill equipment you will get a great all over workout that will elevate your heart rate and get you burning calories quickly. You can choose from various programs that are built into the treadmill, and work at your own level of fitness. You will burn around 600 calories per hour.

Exercise Bike Hire

An exercise bike has the option of a variety ofprograms and resistance levels, and uses many different muscles of the body, although particularly the leg muscle groups. It quickly raises your heart rate, and you can work at your own pace. An exercise bike can burn 500 to 1000 calories an hour.

Elliptical Trainer

Using these machines you build up muscle strength and endurance. There is less stress on your joints that the other equipment. Using an elliptical will allow you to burn approximately 600 calories each hour.

At Hire Fitness we will help you to select the best equipment for your individual needs. All of our fitness equipment is easy to use and we give full instructions. Whether you are looking for exercise bike hire, treadmill hire or elliptical trainer hire, we will have something to suit you. To hire gym equipment contact us today.

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