How to Use the Treadmill as Part of Your Fat Loss Strategy

How to Use the Treadmill as Part of Your Fat Loss Strategy

For fast and lasting weight loss results a treadmill is an ideal tool for your fat loss strategy. When combined with a healthy eating plan, organising treadmill hire in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast through Hire Fitness will certainly help you to lose weight and body fat.

Diet and Exercise

Diet and exercise go hand in hand with weight loss. Eat natural foods rich in vitamins, and avoid excess sugars and trans fats (fats contained in processed foods such fried foods, fast foods, and pre-packaged foods).
The secret to good health and a fit body is to eat well and to exercise well.

When you book treadmill hirein Gold Coast and Brisbane regions, you will burn up kilojoules while exercising. Our superior fitness equipment will show you how many kilojoules you burn during each session. 

Interval Sessions

Interval sessions are great for keeping the heart rate up and for burning fat. Interval sessions are where you work at full pace for a length of time and then rest or work at a slow pace for a short time. 

By organising Treadmill Hire on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane, you can build up slowly and gradually increase the intensity time and decrease the rest time. 

Aim to work up to five minutes at 100 percent intensity on the treadmill, and then rest for one minute. Once your fitness improves, you can do this in 45 minutes sessions for best results.


Running on an incline that is more than 10 degrees will see you work your muscles and increase the intensity of your workout. Our treadmills will tell you the exact number of kilojoules burned at each workout.

You can work your way up to a high-intensity workout if you are just starting out on your fitness campaign. Always consult with your doctor before you start any diet or exercise program. To organise treadmill hire in Brisbane and Gold Coast areas contact us at Hire Fitness today. We organise professional fitness equipment hire in Brisbane, Gold Coast and surrounding areas.

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