Which Are Your Preferred Work Out Bikes

Which AreYour Preferred Work Out Bikes “Recumbent Bikes” or “Upright Bikes”?

There is a wealth of choices when you are seeking exercise equipment hire or purchase, and terrific benefits are obtained from many forms of equipment. Many people love to work out with a stationary bike. But what is your preferred exercise bike – is it a recumbent bike or an upright bike? The position of your body is completely different when you use a recumbent and an upright exercise bike. One may be better suited to you than the other.

When you are looking at exercise bike hire or purchase, here are some points to consider:

Recumbent Bikes

• Using a recumbent exercise bike, you are in a horizontal position. The pedals are in front of you.
• The way that you sit on the bike is easier on the lower back. The reclining position of the bike spreads weight over the back and buttocks which can be helpful if you have any hip or back problems.
• It is gentle on your joints.
• It is a safe workout as it is low impact and you do not stand on the pedals.
• The seat is larger, making it more comfortable.
• Recumbent exercise bikes have chair-like seats that offer excellent support for your back.

Upright Bikes

• On an upright exercise bike the seat is located almost directly over the pedals, like a traditional road bike.
• As the bike and body position is similar to an outdoor bike you get a more consistent full body workout.
• Your abdominal muscles get much more of a workout with an upright bike, than in the reclining position of a recumbent bike.
• Upright exercise bikes take up far less space than recumbent bikes.
• Exercise bike hire and purchase costs for upright exercise bikes are less expensive than recumbent bikes.

Both types of exercise bikes are great for weight loss. They are also very beneficial for improving health and fitness. 
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