Why Elliptical Trainer Machine is an Effective Way to Get Rid of the Excess Fats in the Body

Why Elliptical Trainer Machine is an Effective Way to Get Rid of the Excess Fats in the Body

Fat percentage should ideally be 14-18% of total body weight for men and 20-25% of body weight for women.Foods eaten are processed by the liver to release fatty acids and glycerol from the body.Also known as a cross trainer, an elliptical trainer machine mimics the motion of cross-country skiing.Using an elliptical trainer is an effective way to get rid of excess fats and lose weight. 

Benefits of elliptical trainer fitness equipment hire are that:

• You will burn excess calories quickly and easily
• You will reduce weight gain by using the elliptical trainer
• Your metabolism will be increased
• The trainer will make you active and fit, and you will have more energy
• Just 30 minutes 5 days each week gives great results– you will burn around 225 kilojoules per day
• It isa low impact exerciseand is therefore great for fat burning. It is easy on the joints and can be used at any level of fitness.
• The trainer is low stress on the body
• The equipment is very easy to use, even for those new to fitness training. When you organise exercise fitness equipment hire through us we will also talk you through how to use the equipment and the features and programs of the training machine.If you do have any queries we have phone support seven days per week until late.

As you get fitter you can change the resistance level of your elliptical trainer to a harder level, burning more kilojoules and challenging your body to adapt to a higher level of fitness.

At Hire Fitness we specialisein exercise equipment hire for fat burning. We recommend elliptical trainers as they are great for all fitness levels, are easy to use and are a great all over body workout. To start your weight loss journey, contact us to hire exercise equipment today!

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