Why Rowing is an Effective Full Body Exercise

Why Rowing is an Effective Full Body Exercise

Rowing is an undervalued and underrated form of exercise. In the gym, it is often avoided by all but the fittest of exercisers! Rowing machines are great for cardio fitness, are easy to use and work the whole of your body.

Rowing machines are some of our most popular fitness equipment for hire in Brisbane. Benefits of rowing machine hire are:

• You can increase the intensity as your fitness improves
• Rowing provides a low impact workout that does not jar the body
• Rowing uses all parts of your body
• Once you learn the proper technique rowing is one of the best and most efficient forms of exercise. It builds strength, tones muscles, and works your heart, lungs and cardiovascular systems.
• Rowing uses your arms, chest, legs and butt muscles,as well as the core and shoulders 
• It is great for fat burning
• Rowing burns approximately 3000 kilojoules per hour on average
• Exercise equipment hire options mean that you can see if you like the equipment, without having to purchase it outright

Proper Use of a Rowing Machine

Your body needs to be in the right position to use a rowing machine effectively. After you hire exercise equipment to ensure that you are using it to your best advantage.

Catch position
To start - extend your arms, tilt your upper body forward and bend your legs, sliding your feet forward. Your knees are bent, and your arms are straight in front.

Drive positionas you move forward, extend your legs, bend your arms and move your upper body back. Your seat should be all the way back when your legs are extended. Lean back a little with your upper body. Then pull your arms in towards the upper body. At the end of the drive, your legs will be extended, and your arms pulled back. The rowing handle will be slightly below your chest.

Return to the catch position and repeat!

When rowing, your feet should be in the footholds securely. Keep your back straight. When you hire exercise equipment at Hire Fitness, we will show you how to use the equipment safely and easily. Our staff are highly trained in fitness equipmentto hire in Brisbane,and we will show you how to use the equipment to get the best results correctly.

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